Senior Radio Buffalo episode #190- 05/18/19

Segment 1 (4:59): Linda starts the show with Suzanne and Andrea from Touching Hearts at Home senior home care. First hear what led Suzanne to start this business. Next Andrea shares what their caregivers can and cannot do with their patients. Also hear when is the best time to start having a caregiver, and how Suzanne and Andrea will always answer any questions- even if you aren’t ready for a caregiver yet. Finally, hear how Andrea gets to know the patients so that the perfect caregiver can be matched with the patient! If you’re interested in receiving their care or becoming a caregiver you can contact them HERE!

Segment 2 (20:38): Next on the show are Melissa Able (Senior Program Coordinator), Angela Jones (Social Worker) and Christina Yensan (Public Relations Coordinator) from the Amherst Center for Senior Services. First hear who can go to the Center and where they are located. Next hear the over 40 programs a month they offer! Then they share the options on how to get people to the center if they have no transportation to get there. To learn more about all of the amazing things they offer you can visit HERE!

Segment 3 (33:14): The Stamm’s are back! Brian, Brad, and Melissa from The Stamm Law Firm join Linda next. Today they are discussing Elder Law including Medicaid, estates, wills, etc. Linda first asks about nursing home negligence. Hear how Melissa’s focus is personal injury and negligence cases and how many more cases they are seeing right now from nursing homes. Finally, hear how The Stamm Law Firm covers many different issues/cases for family’s and how they can really be your family lawyer. To learn more visit HERE!

Segment 4 (48:45): Linda ends the show with author Steve Zaly who wrote the book “They are only Gone if They are Forgotten”. First hear what his book is about, where the books starts, and where the book ends. Find out some history of the paratroopers that this book is about. This is a great read and you can get it HERE!

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