Senior Radio Buffalo episode #179- 03/30/19

Segment 1 (1:48): Linda starts the show with Melissa Able (Senior Program Coordinator), Angela Jones (Social Worker) and Christina Yensan (Public Relations Coordinator) from Amherst Senior Center. First hear how many members they have how it is open to everyone- not just Amherst residents. Next hear what a typical day would be if you were a member of the Center. Linda then shares some of the activities they have on their summer schedule including Zumba and Watercolor Classes! To learn more about the great classes, groups, and activities they have visit HERE!

Segment 2 (17:07): Executive Director Wendy from Senior Wishes is Linda’s next guest. First hear how they were founded, when they were founded, and what their mission statement is. Next hear the wish guidelines. Wendy then shares some stories of all of the wishes they have granted- they just completed their 200th individual wish! To learn more about Senior Wishes, their event coming up on April 11, or to get an application you can call 716-508-2121 or visit HERE!

Segment 3 (29:48): Joe, Amy, and Joe from Andrew’s Estate Service are Linda’s next guests. First hear when you or a loved one may need a service like theirs. Next hear how not only do they do estate sales, but they will do downsizing services or appraisals. Then hear how much their clients trust them and how they will always do what is right for their clients. Finally, hear what the timeline is for each client and how much they take in at once to be sure everyone is comfortable and that the client is in control. To learn more about everything they do visit HERE!

Segment 4 (45:06): Linda wraps up the show with Gina from Experimac. First hear what is good about buying pre-owned Apple products. Next hear that pushing you to the most expensive product is not their goal– their goal is getting you the exact device you want and need. They buy and sell Apple products, but they can handle anything in their repair shop. To learn more about what they do and their classes they offer call 716-608-6874 or visit HERE!

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