Senior Radio Buffalo episode #177- 03/16/19

Segment 1 (5:20): Linda starts the show with our Executive Producer Joe DeNisco and they are talking about their upcoming Tuscan Adventure with Go Ahead Tours! Spots are running low because this is such an amazing trip in Italy. The trip is in October and if you haven’t been to the Open House, but you still want to go, they can always expand! Finally, hear what makes these trips so incredible and stand out against the rest– you will have no worries or wonders! And you will want to hear that we have added on three additional days to go to a special place! To learn more about Go Ahead Tours and to get information on the Tuscan Adventure call 1-800-438-7672 or visit HERE!

Segment 2 (20:33): Next we welcome Brian, Greg, and Brad Stamm from the Stamm Law Firm. First they re-discuss the “Basic Three” and “The Stamm Plan” which everyone should know and prepare for for the future. Hear why these things are so important including a Power of Attorney and Healthcare Proxy. Find out what age is the right age to have these documents set up- it will surprise you! Also tune in to hear how when health changes, documents need to change. To find out more about The Stamm Law Firm and how they care for you, your family, and your future visit HERE!

Segment 3 ( 33:23): Psychologist Dr. Amy Beth Taublieb is our next guest and today they are talking about new year’s resolutions. First hear how Dr. Taublieb believes resolutions are unhealthy and why she feels that way. When you are ready you will do it and you do not need artificial pressure to change something– you have the ability to do it anytime! Finally, hear the one question you need to ask yourself when wanting to change something about yourself. To find out more visit HERE!

Segment 4 (48:36): Linda ends the show with Psychic Carol Ruth who has 40 years experience. First hear about her experience, her studies, and her certifications. Next hear about her next show coming up! Then Linda shares all of the services Carol offers. Finally, hear when and how Carol knew she had this amazing gift. To learn more visit HERE!

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