Senior Radio Buffalo episode #174- 02/23/19

Senior Radio Buffalo episode #174- 02/23/19

Segment 1 (5:29): Linda starts the show with Sally, Lisa, and Karen from The Clarity Group. Today they are discussing their Health Fair Week and tune in to see if there is one near you since they have 6 locations. Find out the upcoming dates, who should come to one of their Healh Fairs, what vendors they will have, their raffle baskets, and the one-on-one help you can get from The Clarity Group. To find out more call 716-393-3437 or visit HERE!

Segment 2 (21:25): Linda’s next guest today is Steve Zaly and they are discussing his new book “They are Only Gone if They are Forgotten” which is about paratroopers in WWII. Tune in to hear how his book has a personal touch, how it affected his family, and what happened after the war for all of these men. Finally hear a little history of these men. To purchase the book visit HERE!

Segment 3 (33:16): Shelly from Bing’s is Linda’s next guest today. First hear how she has been so successful in the restaurant and catering business. Next they discuss all of her community involvement/community groups and the things she has learned that matter to her. Also find out how she has been able to get involved in all that she is!

Segment 4 (49:38): Linda wraps up the show with Suzanne and Andrea from Touching Hearts at Home in home care for independent living. First they discuss how long Touching Hearts at Home has been available in WNY. Next hear why Suzanne started this business and how she screens her caretakers. Finally Andrea shares how she screens potential caregivers and how it leads to the great caregivers they have! If you are interested in their services or becoming a caregiver you can visit HERE!

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