Senior Radio Buffalo episode #173- 02/16/19

Senior Radio Buffalo episode #173- 02/16/19

Segment 1 (5:10): Linda starts the show with Dr. Amy Beth Taublieb and today they are discussing the psychological issues of going through the holidays. First find out how you can feel like you are the only one not in the “holiday spirit” when being surrounded by so many things going on. Dr. Amy shares the one big idea she wants everyone to understand from this segment. Finally hear how it is a hard time to share your woes, but what you can do to help yourself through the hard time of the holidays. To learn more visit HERE!

Segment 2 (20:20): Linda’s next guest is Steve Poissant who is the Executive Director of Every Child Ministry at The Chapel. Today they are the discussing the need for adoptive parents, adoptive grandparents, and foster parents in WNY. Find out who they are looking for to help and that you don’t have to be a perfect parent! Next hear the age requirements to be a foster or adoptive parents. Finally find out how they connect children with foster or adoptive parents. To find out more visit HERE!

Segment 3 (33:02): Linda’s third guest today is a phone interview with author Steven Zaly and they are discussing his new book which is about paratroopers in WWII. First hear about his book and how the book starts. Next he gives a brief synopsis of the book and the men the book follows. Finally hear the personal story of what inspired him to write this book. To purchase the book visit HERE!

Segment 4 (49:27): Linda wraps us the show with Dr. Gruttadauria from Diversified Hearing and Balance Centers. First hear how a family notices hearing loss before the actual person suffering may notice it. Also hear the signs you can see in a loved one- withdrawing, turning the television up louder, etc. Finally hear the many technological advances that have been made to help with hearing loss. To learn more visit HERE!

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