Senior Radio Buffalo episode #172- 02/09/19

Segment 1 (4:30): Linda starts the show with Dr. Gruttadauria from Diversified Hearing. First hear when he got started, what he does, and how many offices he has in our area. Next hear about the thorough tests and steps they take to find the root of your hearing problem and then a solution to that problem. Find out how he knows the relationship between hearing, dizziness, and balance and they have a new center that focuses on that! To find out more call 362-0471 or visit HERE!

Segment 2 (20:06): Linda’s next guests are Brad, Brian, and Greg Stamm from The Stamm Law Firm. Today they are talking about their work with Corporations. Corporations are involved with trusts and it’s good to plan that, or if you need to plan an exit strategy or succession for your business so you have a plan for the future. The Stamm’s will form a life long relationship with you and with your business. Next hear how they do not nickle and dime you by the hour, but are up front with you about how much their work with you will cost. Finally hear the range of lawyers they have at their firm, so you will always have a trusted person to help you! To learn more visit HERE!

Segment 3 (33:19): Next Linda welcomes Lauren Fix- The Car Coach! Today they start by discussing what to do when driving is not an option for you or a loved one anymore. Lauren gives her personal story relating to this and the positives you can find about not driving anymore. Next Lauren and Linda talk about the many transportation and care services available for the transition of not driving anymore. Finally, they discuss the best time to get a new car and what to ask yourself. To learn more about Lauren visit HERE!

Segment 4 (40:08): Linda ends the show with Mr. Fitness Richard Derwald.  They first discuss how important a positive attitude is for your health and how negativity leads to inactivity. They discuss the connection between attitude and health and the big role it plays. Finally they discuss the webpage Senior Radio Buffalo is making for Richard and how you can get all of your fitness questions answered through the page! Keep and eye out for the web page and for now, to learn more about Richard visit HERE!

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