Senior Radio Buffalo episode #124- 3/10/18

Segment 1 (2:16): Joe’s first guest is best-selling author, certified personal trainer, and owner of Forward Fitness, Jill Bronski. Her and Joe discuss the steps on how to stay active if you cannot get outdoors everyday and specific examples of what you can do at home. Tune in to find out why you should overcome your own excuses of why you aren’t exercising daily and how even 5 minutes a day can show huge improvements. Also hear as Jill explains the importance of Vitamin D and how you can get your needs, plus your exercise in together. You aren’t going to want to miss the best part: how to start! For more information on Jill, visit her website HERE!

Segment 2 (17:43): Brian, Brad, and Greg from Stamm Law Frim join Joe on the second segment and take questions from our social media followers. Tune into hear questions answered about different options for nursing homes, home care agencies and if they’re trustworthy, complexities of a will, and responsibilities of a spouse over and estate of a dead spouse. Hear how important it is to get the guidance for these issues from a professional or at least a path from a profession, so you do not run into bigger problems later. Learn more about Stamm Law Firm HERE!

Segment 3 (30:23): Host Joe Chille is joined by Erie County Sheriff Tim Howard as his third guest. Today they talk about what to do with unused and unwanted prescription drugs that are in your medicine cabinet or a loved one’s, how to dispose of them, and how to keep them out of the hand’s of the wrong person. Sheriff Howard lets us know that there is a safe and lawful way to do this and that this sort of situation accounts for a huge part of the illegal drug trade. Tune in to hear about the safe drop boxes for these drugs and how many TONS Erie County alone has dropped off. If you have any questions on how to dispose of your prescriptions, you can call the Sheriff’s Office at 858-7608.

Segment 4 (45:55): Joe wraps up the show with Dr. Sabastian Ciancio of UB Center of Dental Studies joins us to discuss the importance of dental studies. Dr. Ciancio has been doing dental studies for over 50 years. Dental studies allow dentists to show their patients what new products are best for them. He also shares with us the newest product they are testing: a mouth rinse to help with the bad aftertaste we can experience from medications we take, including a bitter taste, metallic taste, and loss of taste buds. Learn more about these studies, how you can be a participant, and what you need to qualify to participate HERE!

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