Aging Gracefully Mini-Series – Episode 021 – 11/07/21

Aging Gracefully Mini-Series – Episode 021 – 11/07/21

Segment 1 (3:01): We start the show with the one and only Mr. Fitness- Richard Derwald! First hear how important it is to get out and take a walk during Fall. Linda shares how her, her husband, and her friends are going out on bike trails on their E-bikes for 15 mile bike rides! Richard talks about how getting outside can really help your health and reminds us how many beautiful parks we have around us. Then we talk about how exercise affects us mentally in the best way. Finally, hear how therapeutic it can be to get outside and explore. To learn more about where Richard will be around our community, please call 716-858-8526.

Segment 2 (19:07): We wrap up the show with Dr. Michael Geraci, owner and Medical Director or Geraci Spine & Sports Medicine. First we discuss the risk factor that contribute to premature aging of the spine and why that is susceptible to fractures as we age. Next hear why the saying “sitting is the new smoking” is so true. Dr. Geraci then shares what it can do to your spine as well. Then hear what sarcopenia is and how to help prevent it in your everyday life. Finally, hear why free weights are so much better for you. To learn more, please visit HERE!

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