Aging Gracefully Mini-Series – Episode 014 – 9/19/21

Aging Gracefully Mini-Series – Episode 014 – 9/19/21

Segment 1 (3:26): We start the show with Dr. Bela Ajtai and Sarah Harlock from Dent Neurology (under the Catholic Medical Partners umbrella) about what is new with Alzheimer’s medication. First Dr. Ajtai shares what the new medication is, what it is doing for the first time, and who this medication it would be given to. He shares what stage of the disease this medication would be best for. Next hear if it has been FDA approved or not. Finally, hear from Sarah and how this medication affects their work with their patients and side effects of the medication. To learn more please visit HERE!

Segment 2 (19:33): We wrap up the show with Candi, owner of Personalized Health Nutrition and today we are talking about diabetes. First we talk about the diet of someone who is diabetic and if carbs are good or bad when it comes to diabetes. Candi explains the best way to look at carbs when it comes to being diabetic. Next Candi shares how you may not feel that you have diabetes, but that it is still causing ramifications on your body. Finally, Candi shares what she helps her patients with. Find out more HERE!

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