Senior Radio Buffalo episode #79 – 4/29/17

Segment 1 (:24): Anne Marie Doetrel & Heidi B. rejoin Joe for to talk about the Caregiver partnership and what it is comprised of, what Heidi does and what they do to seek out the right volunteers, what it takes to be a good volunteer, different qualities/requirements/red flags that help narrow down the search field, should the people who want to volunteer know when applying when it comes to placement, when people come to volunteer and they surprise them, how do they match individuals up with their groups/assignments, and much more! You can learn more about the Alzheimer’s Association HERE and the Erie County of Senior Services HERE.

Segment 2 (12:34): Joe (A Kalos Health member) from Kalos Health joins Joe for the first time to talk about himself – his interests and what he likes to do, his singing and how it started and the type of songs he likes, how he heard about Kalos Health, more about his love of music, some of the services that Kalos provides him, a typical day for him, , and much more! You can learn more about Kalos Health HERE!

Segment 3 (22:03): Thane Shultz from Allwel rejoins Joe to talk about what AllWel is, the questions that are most frequently asked by people that want to use their services, the way that Thane and AllWel present themselves when going to clients and their homes, an example of how they helped in a sensitive subject, preferences with regards to having visits in office or at home, what people should have ready when they call, reservations with people that call and how AllWel can help you alleviate those fears, and much more. You can learn more about AllWel HERE.

Segment 4 (34:01): Beverly Kubala rejoins Joe to talk about what kind of questions that people have about her and what she does and what questions should they have, the individual who are in good health and retired but decide to be couch potatoes instead of being healthy, and more! You can learn more about Geriatric Care Managers of WNY by calling 716.204.1063 or by clicking HERE.



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