Senior Radio Buffalo episode #78 – 4/22/17

Segment 1 (:22): Alex and Will from join Joe for the first time to talk about how their business got started,  how it evolved to what it is now, who instilled this hard work ethic into them starting in high school, the process of closing on a house by themselves while in college, how many times they went back to their dad to get advice and expertise due to his previous real estate experience, where they came up with the money to purchase their first house, what its like to work with each other as brothers, and much more! You can learn more about their business HERE.

Segment 2 (12:34): Dave, Rhonda and Sarah from Kalos Health rejoin Joe to talk about the enrollment process and the things they should have when they meet with Kalos, meeting with them in Crisis mode VS. planning mode, Sarah talks about what she does with Kalos in regards to social work(res), how they have to match social workers to families, if they have problems with support people for clients being out of town, and much more! You can learn more about Kalos Health HERE!

Segment 3 (21:38):  Nadine, Samantha and Stephanie from Liberty Home Care rejoin Joe to talk about how they get their patients, if people can start with the basics, what type of tasks that home care that comes with CDPASS, how much contact they have once the relationship is made between assistant and client how the CDPASS program came about, how people qualify for it, if home care assistants can help with situations that arise at the client’s home, and much more! You can learn more about Liberty Home Care HERE!

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