Senior Radio Buffalo episode #77 – 4/15/17

Segment 1 (:23): Dave and Rhonda from Kalos Health join Joe for the first time to talk about Kalos Health – the history – the name – etc, how long they have been around, the plan that they had to set up Kalos Health and how they need to keep the idea of change in mind, what a managed long care plan is, the age range of people that their plan can help with, some of the services that Kalos offers, Rhonda talks about her position at Kalos and the importance behind what she does, how they try to be a resource for people when they come to Kalos, and much more! You can learn more about Kalos Health HERE!

Segment 2 (12:33): Wendy Backman rejoins Joe to talk about Senior Wishes and what it is, an example of a wish that came true, their April 27th event, food and activities at the event and dress code, and much more! You can learn more about Senior Wishes by calling 716.508.2121 or by clicking HERE.

Segment 3 (21:41): Dr. Meaghan and Kelly from Hospice Buffalo join Joe for the first time to talk about National Healthcare Decision Day and what it is and the event they are holding, if hospice should be something that people plan for themselves and their loved ones, the film “Being Mortal” – what it is about, if hospice is about one thing more than the other, how they help to meet patient goals, who their clients are (person in hospice vs family of person in hospice), the ongoing discussion that takes place and who they mostly deal with, and much more! You can learn more about HERE!

Segment 4 (34:00): Alex and Will from rejoin Joe to talk about how long they have been purchasing homes and doing what they do, how people want to deal with them even if they aren’t originally dealing with them, some stories about houses they have worked with and the houses that seem to be challenges, any problem houses, the stresses and hurdles that come with this business, and much more! You can learn more about their business HERE!

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