Senior Radio Buffalo episode #76 – 4/8/17

Segment 1 (:25): Kristin & Ron Surdej from Laping Surdej Associates LLC rejoin Joe to talk about the mission of their company and how it can help not only patients but families and caretakers of patients, what people should be thinking about when they call them, people needing their services, the lack of involvement and the resurgence of people renewing their interest in Laping Surdej Associates, any rates/retainers that they would charge you for their services, some of the things that a daily money manger like Ron would do to help, if someone who forgot to pay a bill and they are embarrassed to tell someone and the help that Ron and their firm offers, different variables that they will encounter and how they can bring them up to Laping Surdej and how they can get everything together and be very professional, a therapy dog and what they can do and provide for the person that requires one, and much more! You can learn more about Laping Surdej Associates HERE.

Segment 2 (12:35): Nadine, Samantha and Stephanie from Liberty Home Care rejoin Joe to talk about CDPass and what it stands for and what the program is and how it helps the person in need and the family member that helps them out, how they help figure out how many hours the person is working and how they keep everything in check, who is eligible for this program, what makes them not qualify, how people can be an assistant to the consumer and what that includes, and much more! You can learn more about Liberty Home Care HERE!

Segment 3 (22:39): Isabel, Mike and Sarah Robitaille rejoin Joe to talk about the basic needs/requests of people that call them about, the groups that Robitaille Real Estate have worked with both corporate entities and past clients, the things that make it important and make it stand apart from other companies, the “Ask Isabel” function of their site and why it is important to ask questions when you have them, and much more! You can learn more about Robitaille Realty HERE.

Segment 4 (35:01): Greg, Brad and Brian Stamm from Stamm Law Firm rejoin Joe to talk about estates and how even the smallest property like a car can be way more complicated it can be once you pass away and how it gets intertwined, how they can act as a resource for something that they don’t typically handle, can someone make a clause before they pass away that will stop someone from controlling certain pieces of estates or business, instances where family members draw up wills and if they get intertwine with each other and branches to another person’s will, and much more! You can learn more about Stamm Law Firm HERE.

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