Senior Radio Buffalo episode #155- 10/13/18

Segment 1 (4:55): Joe first welcomes Lisa, Sally, and Karen from The Clarity Group. First they describe what exactly The Clarity Group does and specialize in. Hear what their total focus is- which has to do with finding the right Medicare Plan for you! Next they go through what you need and what they will do for your first appointment with them. Although enrollment is starting now, this is something they do all year round! Finally, hear The Clarity Group talk about the zero cost plans that are available for Medicare and how/if they can benefit you and what happens if you have a preexisting condition. For more information you can visit them HERE! 

Segment 2 (20:40): Suzanne, Andrea, and David from Touching Hearts at Home are the second guests today. They also have Jim on the phone who is the son of a client of Touching Hearts at Home. First, Jim shares his experience with Touching Hearts at Home and why he uses their services to help with his mother. Next he shares why he chose Touching Hearts at Home over any other service. Finally, hear how he gained relief as a caregiver who asked for outside help and how Touching Hearts at Home gave him the ability to juggle everything he needed to. To learn more about the amazing services Touching Hearts at Home offers, visit them HERE! 

Segment 3 (33:46): Andrew’s Estate Service joins the show once again! Today they are talking about the theme baskets they make for donations. Hear about what the theme baskets are and how they help raise money for the community. Next hear the array of themes they have used in the past and how open clients are to donate their new or gently used items for these baskets.  Finally hear where the theme baskets go to! To learn more, visit them HERE! 

Segment 4 (49:08): Dan Kautz from Kautz Financial wraps up our show today. This time, they are talking about planning for the transition of retirement. Hear Dan discuss how so many clients are not only at the age of thinking about retirement, but that they are also still taking care of their parents and how to have a plan to benefit everyone involved. Dan explains how you have to look at all of the factors- whether you are the financial support or the emotional support of another person and still planning on retiring. It all comes down to one thing- having a plan! To learn more, visit HERE! 

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