Senior Radio Buffalo episode #153- 9/29/18

Segment 1 (3:58): Barbara joins Joe as his first guest and today they are discussing the 21st Forever Young Expo on October 25th. Tune in the find out where it is taking place, the cost of the Expo, and if it is a family friendly event. Next, they talk about the 60+ vendors, who some of them are, and what will be offered- educationally and the services. They may be called vendors, but tune in the hear how they are not trying to sell you anything- they are here to offer services! Blue Cross/Blue Shield is a sponsor again this year, and they share what they will be offering at this Expo. There is a lunch being offered sponsored by Blue Cross/Blue Shield for $10. You can reserve your tickets at 972-2244. To find out more you can also visit HERE!

Segment 2 (19:07): Joe’s second guests are Sally and Karen from The Clarity Group. Today they are discussing why this is the right time to be discussing and thinking about Medicare. Tune in to hear when the election period starts and more importantly, when you need to have everything complete by! When you are getting Medicare, or if you are renewing, you are going to have questions and The Clarity Group are the right people who can explain everything and be sure you understand what you are choosing. Finally, hear the difference between local and national Medicare plans and how The Clarity Group handles both. To learn more about The Clarity Group or to get some clarity on Medicare and Medicare enrollment you can call 716-393-3437 or  visit HERE!

Segment 3 (32:44): Licensed Psychologist Dr. Taublieb is the third guest today. First hear what led her to become a psychologist, how long it takes to receive this degree, and the difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist. Dr. Taublieb then talks about the hard role of being a caretaker and the internal struggles they can face during the care-taking and what happens when the person being taken care of passes on. She also gives advice on what to ask yourself if you are thinking about becoming a caretaker. Tune in to get advice and understanding if you are taking care of a loved one. You can call her at 716-834-1505, or visit her website HERE!

Segment 4 (48:10): Joe wraps up the show with Dan Kautz from Kautz Financial. Today they are talking about retirement and what to do with your 401(k). Hear Dan discuss a new law that has come out and what his clients are coming to him and asking him. Then hear Dan explain what a 401(k) is made up of and how the new law effects this. He gives general advice on what some options are with transferring this money when you are thinking about retirement. Finally, Joe asks some examples on what could be the expected amount some people could have in their 401(k). To learn more about Kautz Financial visit HERE!

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