Senior Radio Buffalo episode #148- 8/25/18

Segment 1 (5:04): Paul joins Joe as his first guest today and he is from The Living Tour. First hear how Paul started this with his wife and what it is! Paul then goes through the tour stops- where it begins, where you go, and where it ends. He also explains the different options for transportation and how to find out where to stop on the tour. Next here all of the activities that happen during your tour! Just so you know- no reservation is needed, but you need to start at their website to get all of the information HERE!

Segment 2 (20:26): Gina from Experimac is Joe’s second guest today. First Joe talks to Gina if people are afraid to go from older technology (flip phone) to updated technology (smart phone). Gina discusses that they have classes to teach the iPhone and that they will set up all of your Apple accounts for you to help you transition! Then they discuss transferring information from an older phone to a smart phone- and how Experimac can do it all for you! To get in touch with them you can call 608-6874 or visit them HERE!

Segment 3 (33:36): Joe’s third guest is Nicole Mancuso from The Belvedere. First she shares the status update of the building of The Belvedere. They are on The Living Tour today, and she shares some of the things you will see during the tour and even some surprises! Finally, she shares what makes The Belvedere unique to any other 55 and over place to live. There is always something different everyday and all of the amenities focus around healthy, active living. To learn more visit HERE!

Segment 4 (49:03): We wrap up the show with Dr. Taublieb. Today they are discussing the psychology of eating and how it is used as a vice. First she discusses how everyone has a different relationship with food and to learn about yours ask yourself: why do I eat/ when do I eat? Then you can learn how your eating patterns change with your emotions. Next learn the associations we have in our head about when to ingest what. Finally hear about how carbs/sugar are actually addictive. To learn more about Dr. Taublieb visit HERE!


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