Senior Radio Buffalo episode #147- 8/18/18

Segment 1 (5:29): Joe’s first guests are Timothy, who is the Commissioner for Senior Services in Erie County, and Mr. Fitness- Richard Derwald. First they discuss the Senior Services website and everything it has to offer– and how easy it is to navigate! Next they discuss the support groups throughout Erie County that the Department of Senior Services can connect you with. You can even call the number at the end of this recap and they will walk you through anything you need. Finally, they discuss volunteer opportunities that are available to you– there are many situations that your knowledge will be helpful for. If you are not in Erie County, you can still call and they will connect you with the Department of Senior Services of your county!  To learn more you can call 858-8526 or visit HERE!

Segment 2 (21:17): Next Joe welcomes Suzanne, Andrea, and David from Touching Hearts at Home. First Andrea explains everything Touching Hearts at Home does and how they can make your life, or the life of a loved ones easier- including meal prep, laundry, cleaning, and more. They can also help with little things you may not thinking about- bills getting paid and even writing Christmas cards! Also hear what they do to be sure the senior always feels safe with them. Finally, they discuss how Touching Hearts protect themselves with liability insurance and bonding. To learn more about this amazing service you can visit HERE!

Segment 3 (34:08): Joe then welcomes Gina from Experimac. First hear how the business was started and why those chose to start it. Next hear what they do, what products they service, and how they are different from the rest. Also hear their view on customer service! Next hear about their Tuesday night classes and all of the help they can give you with answering questions you may have. Finally they discuss the updates Apple does and how to handle them. To get in touch with them you can call 608-6874 or visit them HERE!

Segment 4 (49:19): Joe ends the show with Greg, Brian, and Marissa from The Stamm Law Firm. First Greg discusses how lucky he is to have the younger lawyers he has in his firm to take over for him when he retires- he has all of his bases covered! Next hear about the new ideas the lawyers like Marissa bring to the firm and to the clients. Greg even shares how Marissa is his lawyer- showing that everyone lawyer at the firm is great, even if they are not a Stamm!  Also hear them discuss probate and how Greg handles it at the firm. To learn more about Stamm Law Firm visit them HERE!

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