Senior Radio Buffalo episode #146- 8/11/18

Segment 1 (3:56): Joe starts the show with Joe and Joe from Andrew’s Estate Service. First hear how long they have been in business and how long they have been friends of the show. Next, hear how they gain people’s trust as they are coming into their homes. Then they share some stories of the types of phone calls they receive from clients. Finally hear all of the items they find in houses that are surprising! To learn more about them you can visit them HERE!

Segment 2 (18:59): Joe’s next guests are Timothy who is the Commissioner for Senior Services in Erie County and Mr. Fitness- Richard Derwald. Today they discuss the different kinds of respites that the county provides and why it is such a powerful tool for caregivers. Next Richard discusses what he does to help Seniors and how surprised he was to see how active Seniors are. To learn more you can call 858-8526 or visit HERE!

Segments 3 (32:34): Suzanne, Andrea, and David from Touching Hearts at Home join Joe as the third segment on the show. First they share what Touching Hearts at Home is.  Next, hear how to find out if you qualify for or can afford their services. Then find out what information you need to have ready before you contact them. Then hear about different situation their caregivers get into and how to are trained to handles all of these situations. To learn more about Touching Hearts at Home call 716-898-8566 or visit them HERE!

Segment 4 (47:46): We wrap up the show with Dan Kautz from Kautz Financial. Today they are discussing how to organize yourself if you are a Power of Attorney for someone or helping take care of someone’s finances- like elderly parents. Hear how financial planners can help you organize those documents or give you tips on how to. Then learn what a “Financial Love Letter” is that is available to you. To learn more about Dan Kautz and how you can work with him you can call 276-8480 or visit HERE!

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