Senior Radio Buffalo episode #141- 7/7/18

Segment 1 (4:57): Gregg, Brad, and Brian Stamm join Joe as his first guests today. Today they are discussing their new locations and the team that works with them that you don’t hear on the radio. Stamm Law Firm is a growing enterprise- but small enough that you know you are at a family law firm. Next they discuss how they have lawyers at their firm that can help with things across the board- estate planning, real estate, and more! They have also taken over two other law firms and they discuss how a client transitions to them- The Stamms believe it is always about the best interest of the client! To learn more visit HERE!

Segment 2 (20:42): Joe’s second guest is Erie County Sheriff Tim Howard. Today, Joe and Sheriff Howard discuss what you are supposed to do if there is an old weapon found by a family member or yourself. Sheriff Howard tells Joe what the lawful way is to dispose, sell, or give away firearms. He also shares with us if Erie County is experiencing an increase of pistol permits and how you should be trained if you plan on owning a firearm. This is a segment full of great information and tips. If you need help with any of these things, you can always call the Sheriff’s Department at 858-7608.

Segment 3 (33:56): Joe’s next guests are Suzanne, Andrea, and David from Touching Hearts at Home Senior Care. First hear how David got involved as a caregiver, why he chose Touching Hearts at Home, and what they thought the drawback would be that ended up not being an issue at all! Next hear how they deal with pets in a client’s home. Then David explains the hardships he has experienced doing this job. To learn more about Touching Hearts at Home call 716-898-8566 or visit them HERE!

Segment 4 (49:11): Joe wraps up the show with Norm Mandarino who answers some questions about his Kung-Fu classes such as age ranges, kid’s classes, and the movements of Kung-Fu. Joe also asks him about what moves you can do outside of class to keep yourself in the right practice. The classes are good for any age range, from young kids, middle aged, and the elderly. Tune it to hear about the family plans and how to sign up. Find out more about Norm and Mandarin Kung-Fu HERE!

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