Senior Radio Buffalo episode #140- 6/30/18

Segment 1 (5:39): Joe and Joe from Andrew’s Estate Service, with 32 years of experience, join host Joe Chille as his first guests today. First hear about the brand new things they find in estates, the broken things, and what they do with the items from the estate that do not sell. Then hear about how they create theme baskets from items that will not sell and what they do with them. Finally, Joe and Joe share some of their sorting processes and what they suggest you do before they come in. For more information you can call 716-873-7440 or visit them HERE!

Segment 2 (21:06): Suzanne, Andrea, David, and Jim- all from some part of Touching Hearts at Home Senior Care are the second guests today. Joe talks to Jim, who is the son of a client that Touching Hearts at Home gives care to. Jim’s mom has received home care from them for two years and they help her take care of things for her day to day life, and he gives his own personal testimony on everything they do for her and for him with their services, and the relief he has received. To learn more about Touching Hearts at Home call 716-898-8566 or visit them HERE!

Segment 3 (33:51): Joe’s third guest is Dr. Amy Beth Taublieb. Today they are discussing retirement and the feelings that come along with it. Dr. Taublieb then discusses the very strong emotional jabs that come with thinking about retiring. Next they talk about how working can sometimes fill a void, that you have that void once you retire, and how you can be prepared for those feelings. Dr. Taublieb fills this whole segment with all of the psychological aspects of retiring. To learn more about her services and about her most recent book visit HERE!

Segment 4 (49:18): Terri Songbird from Brilliant Light Therapy wraps up the show with Joe Chille today. First she explains what neuropathy is, how it makes someone feel, and how Brilliant Light Therapy can help. Then she explains what it is from the light therapy that helps with this healing. Next Terri gives of examples of other things Brilliant Light Therapy can do for your body. Finally Terri gives an example of what the first appointment or assessment is like. To learn more visit HERE!

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