Senior Radio Buffalo episode #122- 2/24/18

Segment 1 (1:58): Joe’s first guest today is Norm Mandarino who is the owner of Mandarin Kung-Fu. Norm shares with Joe a great history of Kung-Fu, clears up some misconceptions on martial arts, including Kung-Fu, and shares the peculiar story of how he got involved in Kung-Fu. Norm shares that you can get into Kung-Fu at any age, any level, and that you will reap benefits like better physical fitness, better mental fitness, higher self confidence, and teach you self defense tactics. Listen in to hear how Kung-Fu will actually teach out how to not get into a confrontation. If you want to sign up for a class or learn more about Norm you can do that HERE!

Segment 2 (17:44): Joe’s second guest is Erie County Sheriff Tim Howard. Today, Joe and Sheriff Howard discuss what you are supposed to do if there is an old weapon found by a family member or yourself. Sheriff Howard tells Joe what the lawful way is to dispose, sell, or give away firearms. He also shares with us if Erie County is experiencing an increase of pistol permits and how you should be trained if you plan on owning a firearm. This is a segment full of great information and tips. If you need help with any of these things, you can always call the Sheriff’s Department at 858-7608.

Segment 3 (30:45): Licensed psychologist Dr. Amy Beth Taublieb joins Joe as the third guest today. She has a new book out that you can get on Amazon called Tail Wags the Dog- which is based on ideas her patients have given her throughout her 30 years of practice. Today Dr. Amy and Joe talk about couple’s therapy. Tune in to hear her many experiences she has had performing couple’s therapy, advice she gives, the two requirements on doing couple’s therapy, the one basic rule when participating, and how she handles couple’s therapy from a psychologist’s point of view. Learn more about Dr. Amy Beth Taublieb, her practice, and her new book HERE!

Segment 4 (45:35): Joe’s final guests today are Greg, Brad, and Brian from Stamm Law Firm. Joe asks what happens when law firms merge and do clients still see the same lawyer? They discuss how not only all of the lawyers in the firm work the same way, but also all of the support staff and how everyone at the firm works together and gives the same treatment to all clients. They discuss how each situation is handled differently and how they handle upset clients and how they come to a great resolution. Tune in to hear when the dynamics are just not right between them and the clients, they will not take the case because it is not fair to all parties involved. They will not put their clients through the emotions and stress if the case is not right and will always be up front and forward about it. If you are looking for a fair law firm, Stamm Law Firm is for you! You can find out more about them HERE!

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