Senior Radio Buffalo episode #121 – 2/17/18

Segment 1 (5:08): Joe Chille starts the show talking to Erie County Sheriff Tim Howard. This week, they discuss elder’s scams and the many ways people get your information and try to scam you- normally for financial gain. A specific scam they discuss is people pretending to be an law enforcement agent, saying a family member is in trouble, and they need money to help them out. Tune in to hear how they get your information, and advice/very important tips to prevent falling for one of these scams from Sheriff Howard. You can learn more about the Erie County Sheriff Office HERE!

Segment 2 (20:21): Our second guest is Dan Kautz from Kautz Financial. Today he discusses with Joe the class he teaches (Retirement Planning for Tomorrow) to educate people about their finances. This is a 2 day, 3 hour class going over 13 different subjects including retirement, budgeting, taxes, wills, and insurance. Come and get educated and gain a good relationship with your finances, and to be sure you and you spouse are on the same page for your future. Tune in to learn how to register for this great seminar, the age requirement, and the cost. You can find out more about Kautz Financial HERE!

Segment 3 (34:06): Joe’s third guest is Terry Songbird from Brilliant Light Therapy. She first informs Joe how light therapy works and how different spectrums of lights do certain things. She then shares how light therapy has helped her specific patients, including Helen. Hear Helen’s story, including how she broke her back and has had pain for the past 14 years that caused her not to be able to wear jeans, climb stairs, or even take a shower without pain. Terry shares with us how light therapy has changed Helen’s life. She also shares stories with Joe from her seminars and how this therapy has changed people and their terrible pain issues. You can learn more about Brilliant Light Therapy HERE!

Segment 4 (49:07): Joe wraps up the show with Greg, Brad, and Brian Stamm from Stamm Law Firm. Today they focus on how Stamm Law Firm is really about family and how comforting that is for other families to go there for their legal needs. They discuss the “Stamm Plan” which is about branching out from just documents and focusing on the people. It also allows clients to be able to come in and review, change, and update your documents/plans when something in life changes. Find out more about the Stamm Plan and the law firm HERE!

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