Senior Radio Buffalo episode #115 – 1/6/18

Segment 1 (6:40): Joe starts the show with Greg, Brian, and Brad Stamm from Stamm Law Firm. Today they answer your questions submitted through our social media including when to start planning to move your parents to a nursing home. It is not based on age, but when you start noticing significant changes to everyday things like not being able to drive, expired food in the refrigerator, or when they cannot get around any longer. This is when you all should meet with a lawyer and discuss future plans so everyone is comfortable. They also address questions on Medicare and Medicaid. Tune in to hear these answers plus many more! Learn more about Stamm Law Firm HERE!

Segment 2 (22:04): Dan Kautz from Kautz Financial is featured on our second segment this week. This week, they are discussing that this is the new year, and you have the opportunity to start fresh with your financial plan and have a better handle on your money. Now is the time to take control of it, which you can do with Kautz Financial. Once you set up your first appointment, they will send you a letter with a checklist of what you should bring. Tune in to see what that is, as well as bringing specifically what you want to talk about. Dan also shares how a meeting will go with them. Tune in for more information and you can visit them HERE!

Segment 3 (35:30): Promoter Tim Mitton from Full Moon Promotions joins Joe again and discusses his annual event, Everything Buffalo Party, which takes place in Sarasota, Florida. This year will be even bigger than last year, which will also allow for more guests to attend. They will have Buffalonians all around including Buffalo food, Buffalo entertainment, an auction, and more! Learn how Tim is from Buffalo himself, so he knows what Buffalonians will want to have to feel like home! Tune in to learn more about this great event that will take place in February that brings everyone together! Find out more HERE!

Segment 4 (50:55): Dr. Sabastian Ciancio of UB Center of Dental Studies joins us to discuss the importance of dental studies, especially one they are focused on right now which they need participants for! Their newest product they are testing is a mouth rinse to help with the bad aftertaste we can experience from medications such as a metallic taste, a bitter taste, or take away your sense of taste completely. To find out how to became a participant in a study, or how a product becomes part of a study, listen to this segment. Learn more about these studies HERE!

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