Senior Radio Buffalo episode #113 – 12/23/17

Segment 1 (4:50): Joe starts the show with Richie Derwald who will be performing at our New Years Eve celebration- Vegas Style, hosted by Linda Pellegrino! We have opened up more seats, so tickets are still on sale! Join us at the celebration which will not only offer an open bar and amazing food, but will feature constant entertainment from Richie and his wife Debbie, as well as music from The Live from Las Vegas Show Band! We can’t wait for you to celebrate with us, so listen in for all of the details about it. You can also call 716-391-1895 for more information.

Segment 2 (20:10): Dan Kautz from Kautz Financial joins host Joe Chille for the second segment. Tune in to find out what you need to prepare for with your finances as the year comes to an end. Dan talks about things like contributions to your 401(k), non qualified accounts, qualified accounts, capital gains, capital loss, and your other investments. This segment is full of very important information about your finances, and you do not want to miss it. If you want to reach out to Kautz Financial, visit them HERE!

Segment 3 (34:45): Our third segment comes all the way from Florida with promoter Tim Mitton from Full Moon Promotions. Find out what brought Tim to Buffalo, as he used to live here. Also hear how his Buffalo event, Everything Buffalo Party, in Florida drew in so many people that lived in Florida, but are from Buffalo! They had Buffalo food, an auction, and more! Tune in to find out how many Buffalonians have made their way to Florida. Tim is also a real estate agent, so if you are in Florida looking for a promoter or a real estate agent visit him HERE!

Segment 4 (49:35): Segment 4 (49:26): Wendy Backman of Senior Wishes joins us for our final segment. She shares where Senior Wishes get their funding from and how companies can contact them about donating their services that may be a wish for a senior. Joe asks Wendy what her favorite wishes or wishes that stand out most to her and she tells us the story of three Veterans who wanted a “Guys Day Out” to a Sabers game. Listen in to hear the whole story and the other unique wishes Wendy and Senior Wishes have granted. Learn more about Senior Wishes HERE!

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