Senior Radio Buffalo episode #100 – 9/23/17

Segment 1 (:40): Greg, Brad, and Brian Stamm, from the Stamm Law Firm, sit in with Joe to discuss “The Stamm Basic Three”, their mantra of “our family helping your family”, a new idea their rolling out soon called “The Stamm Plan, plus much more. To find out more about Stamm Law Firm, visit HERE!

Segment 2 (12:35): Joe is rejoined by Dan Kautz, from Kautz Financial, an independent wealth management firm. They discuss what you can do to make sure you’re financially stable going forward, how to plan for the future, and some of the feedback he receives from clients. For more information on Kautz Financial, click HERE!

Segment 3 (21:20): Barbara Macks, Director of Advertising/Associate Publisher of Buffalo Spree and Forever Young, rejoins Joe to elaborate on all of the details related to the Forever Young Expo (a free event) coming up on October 26th. To learn more about Forever Young Expo, click HERE!

Segment 4 (32:45): Beverly Kubala, of Geriatric Care Managers of WNY, rejoins Joe to chat more about the services her organization offers, some community programs and how she helps clients create a plan, and how she evaluates a client and searches to find them the best care plan possible. To learn more about Geriatric Manager’s of WNY, click HERE!

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