Senior Radio Buffalo episode #119 – 2/3/18

Segment 1 (5:17): Host Joe Chille talks to Sheriff Tim Howard- Sheriff of Erie County. Sheriff Howard tells us a little history of him and his family and their involvement of law enforcement. Then they discuss the Yellow Dot Program and the importance of it for an emergency service provider. The Yellow Dot program provides a yellow decal for your home, car, or where ever you would be staying to let emergency teams know to find the file you filled out that contains who you are, what medications you are on, your doctor’s information, emergency contacts, etc. This makes it much safer for you in an emergency so all of your important information is in one place and somewhere where the right people can find it. Listen in to find out where you can get more information about this program as well as where you can get the Yellow Dot decal, files, and folders. Find out more about the Yellow Dot Program HERE!

Segment 2 (21:12): Dan Kautz from Kautz Financial joins Joe for our second segment. Dan stresses the importance of taking action and making a plan so you are prepared for the unexpected with your finances; you should always be prepared for the future. Dan and his team at Kautz Financial can help give you a more meaningful relationship with your money and the services they can offer you will succeed in doing that. Tune in to get all of the details so you can always be prepared financially and if you want more information on Kautz Financial you can find it HERE!

Segment 3 (35:15): Leilani Pelletier, the Program Director for the Center of Excellence for the Alzheimer’s Association, comes on the show for the third segment. Leilani shares with Joe where and how they get their funding for this amazing organization. The Center of Excellence has two main focuses: (1) expert clinical sites and (2) they provide help to primary doctors to address Alzheimer’s in their offices in case the patients cannot make it to a clinic site. If you need more information of Alzheimer’s, tune in, or visit their website HERE!

Segment 4 (50:32): Stamm Law Firm wraps up our show today. Host Joe Chille focuses on how Stamm Law Firm is really about family and how comforting that is for other families to go there for their legal needs. They discuss the Stamm Plan which is about branching out from just documents and focusing on the people. It also allows clients to be able to come in and review, change, and update your documents/plans when something in life changes. Find out more about the Stamm Plan and the law firm HERE!

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