Senior Radio Buffalo episode #106 – 11/4/17

Segment 1 (6:29): To start the show, host Joe Chille sits down with Dan Kautz from Kautz Financial. Today they discuss how to limit investment risks, including market risks, and what decisions to make during market turns. Dan explains what a risk tolerance is, what tolerance you should have, and that you should a “sleep well at night” number/amount. Dan shares that it is all about a plan! Tune in for all of these answers, plus find out how Kautz Financial can help. Learn more about Dan and the Kautz Financial team HERE!

Segment 2 (21:16): Dr. Sebastian Ciancio of the UB School of Dental Medicine joins Joe as our second guest to discuss the current study they are working on that they need participants for. Find out how companies even begin to get their products tested and how 60% of products they do test are successful. The current study is for anyone who experiences a bitter/metallic taste or loss of taste due to medications taken and how this new mouth rinse has been made to eliminate these issues. Listen in to find out about the study, how they work, qualifications if you want to participate, and how you register to participate. You can find out more about studies and the UB School of Dental Medicine HERE!

Segment 3 (36:27): This week’s third segment is joined by Richie and Richard Derwald who have been in the entertainment business for years. Richie gives us the history of how he got into the industry… and you won’t be surprised to learn it had to do with his dad Richard! We have a great New Years Eve celebration for you to join us at this year which will not only offer an open bar and amazing food, but will feature constant entertainment from Richie and his wife Debbie, as well as music from The Live from Las Vegas Show Band! We can’t wait for you to celebrate with us, so listen in for all of the details about it. You can also call 716-391-1895 for more information.

Segment 4 (50:12): We close out our show with Heidi who is the Volunteer Coordinator of the Western New York Alzheimer’s Caregivers Partnership. Today Joe talks to Heidi about their faith based respite and the volunteers needed for the program. This program takes place at a faith based location (church, mosque, etc) where whoever normally takes care of the patient can drop them off for the day and the patient will receive a meal and activities to do for the day, while surrounded by expert care. Heidi stresses you do not have to be of a certain religion to be a volunteer at a faith based respite. Listen in to find out what you need to qualify to be one of these amazing volunteers. To become a volunteer or for more information, please call 716-896-6388.

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