Senior Radio Buffalo episode #109 – 11/25/17

Segment 1 (6:49): Host Joe Chille starts the show by talking to Michelle Farina, a Medicare Benefits Consultant at Blue Cross Blue Shield. Joe and Michelle discuss open enrollment for Medicare- which is Oct 15- Dec 7. This is the time for you to make your coverage decisions for the following year. Michelle knows this can be an overwhelming or confusing decision, and wants everyone to know that you can sit with her or another BCBS employee who does her same job and discuss everything that certain plans cover, what your medications will cost you for the year, and be able to choose the best plan for you. You can find more information on this HERE!

Segment 2 (21:17): The second guests this week are Isabella and Sara Robitaille from Robitaille Real Estate. Today they discuss “smart sizing” versus “down sizing.” Smart sizing is when a family needs to prepare moving their parents (for example) out of their home and into a family member’s home or a nursing home. This can be a difficult time for everyone involved, so tune in and find out how simple they can make it for you by coming in, consulting, giving the right resources, and making a plan so that everyone involved is comfortable. To find out everything they can do for you, visit them HERE!

Segment 3 (34:15): Brian, Brad, and Greg from Stamm Law Firm visit Joe in the studio and are here to answer some questions on a hard subject- negligence in a nursing home. The guys from Stamm Law Firm give you their advice on what to do if someone you love gets hurt or isn’t being treated right in a nursing home, such as speaking to an administrator or talking to your family lawyer. You can even get with Stamm Law Firm just to speak about your options in this situation. Also find out what you should be asking your lawyer in a negligent situation in a nursing home and many other nursing home situations. Learn more about them HERE!

Segment 4 (49:44): We close out our show with Heidi who is the Volunteer Coordinator of the Western New York Alzheimer’s Caregivers Partnership. Today Joe talks to Heidi about their faith based respite and the volunteers needed for the program. This program takes place at a faith based location (church, mosque, etc) where whoever normally takes care of the patient can drop them off for the day and the patient will receive a meal and activities to do for the day, while surrounded by expert care. Heidi stresses you do not have to be of a certain religion to be a volunteer at a faith based respite. Listen in to find out what you need to qualify to be one of these amazing volunteers. To become a volunteer or for more information, please call 716-896-6388.

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