Senior Radio Buffalo episode #108 – 11/18/17

Segment 1 (6:21): Joe Chille’s first guest this week is Tamarie Novo, the Director of Employee Development of Allwel Collaborative Home Care. Today they discuss what you should be looking for when looking for help for an aging family member. When it becomes too much, Allwel can help. Tune in to learn about the process, starting with an interview, and they can help with what your family member will need; whether it is 24 hour care, a few hours a day at a respite, or just a companion a few times a week. It is not always easy taking care of yourself and other people, so let Alwell help. This segment is full of information of the many services they provide, so don’t miss it!  Learn more about them HERE!

Segment 2 (20:33): Brad, Greg, and Brian Stamm are back with Joe from Stamm Law Firm! Today they answer social media questions from our listeners. They discuss questions on how to address the subject of your elderly parents future, without upsetting them or putting them on the defense. This can be a very anxious, touchy conversation, but the guys from Stamm Law Firm have some great advice on how it is all about the approach. Joe also leads on a discussion with them about planning for the future with the parents’ money, how to handle it, and how everyone involved needs to be comfortable with the decisions. Find out more about them HERE!

Segment 3 (33:30): Joe’s third segment this week features Isabella and Sara Robitaille from Robitaille Real Estate. Since their previous visits, there have been many questions from listeners about topics they have discussed, such as what to do with inheriting a parents house, inspections that need to be passed if you want to sell this house, red flag buyers will look for, and more. Robitaille Real Estate will come in and give a consultation and assessment for free! Don’t feel overwhelmed or confused with these decisions. Give them a call if you are having any of these issues, or have any other questions. Learn more HERE!

Segment 4 (48:29): Linda Pellegrino, host of Medical Radio Buffalo, joins Joe to wrap up the show. Linda just came back from Italy trip she want on with Go Ahead Tours. Hear all of about her trip and all of the places and things they took her to! Also find out about the great accommodations they have, too. Learn how Go Ahead Tours can answer all of your travel questions, as well as help with anything on the trip- like forgotten medications or losing a passport. Go Ahead Tours also include most meals and tips in the package price, which is  less worry for you. Tune in to hear all of the details, everything included with Go Ahead Tours, and Linda’s next trip coming up to Costa Rica! To book this Costa Rica trip, call Lindsay at Go Ahead Tours: 310-6824 and visit Linda’s show HERE!

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