Senior Radio Buffalo episode #107 – 11/11/17

Segment 1 (:28): We begin this week’s show with host Joe Chille speaking to Dan Kautz from Kautz Financial. They discuss what can sometimes be a confusing topic: IRA’s and all of the different ways they can be handled. He discusses the differences between rollover, direct rollover, and transfers. This can be such a confusing situation, so tune in to hear the facts, the explanations, as well as how to contact Kautz Financial for help! Don’t forget that all financial issues just need to start with a conversation and a plan with the right people. Find out more about Kautz Financial HERE!

Segment 2 (10:20): Tamarie Novo, the Director of Employee Development of Allwel Collaborative Home Care joins Joe for our second segment. Allwel’s goal  is to keep everyone in their home and not in a nursing home for as long as possible. Tamarie explains the “care giving gene” they look for during the interviews for caregivers, as well as the extensive training they give to their employees. This not only helps with what to do, but also not to get the “care giver burnout”. New caregivers are given an almost 3 week training, which teaches the Allwel way, stress management, and to be sure the employees are more than ready to go. To learn more about Allwell Collaborative Home Care, visit them HERE!

Segment 3 (22:40): Joe is rejoined by Heidi for the third segment this week. Heidi is the Volunteer Coordinator of the Western New York Alzheimer’s Caregivers Partnership. During her last visit, you heard her discuss faith based respites and tune in this week to the find the Faith Based Respites they have going on locally near you, which they really need volunteers for. If you have a location that wants to be used for a respite, listen in to learn how she will come and visit, provide training, give you start up information, and what is required to be a faith based respite. Interested in volunteering? Joe also gets the scoop on what they look for in volunteers and what the qualifications are.  For more information call 716-896-6388!

Segment 4 (35:44): We close out our show with host Joe Chille talking to Director of Medicare Advantage at BlueCross BlueShield (BCBS), Tom Sass. Tom explains the very many differences between Medicaid and Medicare. Joe asks the great questions of how soon before your 65th birthday can you start consulting about Medicare? Listen in to hear that answer and why Tom suggests speaking to someone around that time.  Learn the advantages of having someone behind you, like BCBS, you managing your Medicare, including case managers and nurses. For more information on your Medicare questions, please visit HERE!

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