Senior Radio Buffalo episode #118 – 1/27/18

Segment 1 (5:10): In our first segment, Joe Chille talks to Dan Kautz from Kautz Financial Wealth Management. Dan tells us how life insurance is the cornerstone of a financial plan, so listen in to find out why it is so important. He discusses the benefits of term insurance, what kind of insurance policy is right for you, and the first place you should start with getting insurance. Joe asks about beneficiaries once you have the insurance which Dan gives some great tops about. Find out how it all starts with a discussion, since everyone’s needs are different, which you can have at Kautz Wealth Management. You can find out more about them and contact them HERE!

Segment 2 (20:39): Segment two of our show features licensed psychologist Dr. Amy Taublieb. She shares with us all of the unique features her practice offers that are different from other practices such as not having a receptionist. Her patient’s confidentiality is a number one priority to her, so Dr. Amy does not want a patient calling and having a receptionist recognize them and default on that confidentiality. She is also the only one with access to calendars, files, etc- so you can always feel safe and comfortable! Tune in and find out her extended appointment times that will work for you, as well has how you should prepare to see her (here’s a hint: it won’t be what you think!). Listen in to here how she is a part of a team with every patient and more about her practice. You can get into contact with her HERE!

Segment 3 (33:19):  Greg, Brad and Brian Stamm from Stamm Law Firm rejoin Joe to discuss how their family firm can represent your whole family. They want you to feel comfortable when you are in need of legal advice and that should start with someone you trust: your family lawyer. They can handle many more types of cases than you think and if they cannot handle something you need, they will refer you to a trusted source that can. Tune in to hear their many examples of how Stamm Law Firm handles one case and in the midst of speaking to their clients, found out there were other needs they could handle, too! They also discuss how important pre-planning is with your estate and trust. You can get all of these things handled now, in advance, and how you want it to be for your family’s future. Find out more about Stamm Law Firm and how to contact them HERE!

Segment 4 (46:51): Edla Corrara from Bings on the go! wraps up our show this week. They are known for their family recipes like classic Italian and Sicilian food featuring a lot of fish, soups, and wholesome/healthy cuisine. Find out about their catering and take-out service, which is evolving quickly. Their take-out service can be delivered to you on Saturday if you have your order placed by Wednesday. These are good, healthy meals that you can place in your freezer and have ready when you need them! You can call Edla directly and discuss your specific needs, including dietary restrictions. Tune in to find out more about their delivery service, delivery flexibility, and delicious meals/affordable cost for you or a loved one from Bings on the go! You can call them at 716-440-7507 or visit them HERE!


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