Senior Radio Buffalo episode #123- 3/3/18

Segment 1 (4:34): Greg, Brad and Brian Stamm from Stamm Law Firm rejoin Joe to discuss how their family firm can represent your whole family. They want you to feel comfortable when you are in need of legal advice and that should start with someone you trust: your family lawyer. They can handle many more types of cases than you think and if they cannot handle something you need, they will refer you to a trusted source that can. Tune in to hear their many examples of how Stamm Law Firm handles one case and in the midst of speaking to their clients, found out there were other needs they could handle, too! Find out more about Stamm Law Firm and how to contact them HERE!

Segment 2 (19:04): Joe’s second guest is Norm Mandarino who answers some questions about his Kung-Fu classes such as age ranges, kid’s classes, and the movements of Kung-Fu. Joe also asks him about what moves you can do outside of class to keep yourself in the right practice. The classes are good for any age range, from young kids, middle aged, and the elderly. Tune it to hear about the family plans and how to sign up. Find out more about Norm and Mandarin Kung-Fu HERE!

Segment 3 (34:12): Joe is then joined by Dr. Ciancio from the UB School of Dental Medicine. Today he shares with Joe the importance of dental studies. Dr. Ciancio has been doing dental studies for over 50 years. Dental studies allow dentists to show their patients what new products are best for them. Dr. He also shares with us the newest product they are testing. Learn more about these studies and how you can be a participant HERE!

Segment 4 (49:16): Lastly, Joe is joined by Jill Bronski who is a certified personal trainer and owns Forward Fitness. Joe gets some great tips from Jill on how to stay active during days where you are sitting a lot- whether it is because of work or because of days of bad weather outside. She also gives advice on how to add being active into your daily schedule and how it is just as important as everything you do during your daily routine. Learn more about Jill and Forward Fitness HERE!

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